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Unique opportunity to get the best industry training and give your input on important industry issues.

The Board of Directors has created a full-service organization to serve your needs, including:

David Daniel’s vigilance in Tallahassee to ensure lawmakers know about the benefits your company provides to the Florida economy and to prevent any regulatory or legislative actions that harm PEOs or other employers;

  • Mike Miller’s determined advocacy for a regulatory environment that allows PEOs to succeed and provides substantial benefits to employees and employers within Florida;
  • Weekly summaries that provide details of the legislative process, give you an insider’s perspective—not only on what is happening, but why it is happening—and ensure you know about new laws long before they affect your company;
  • A legislative education day in Tallahassee where members can learn how to participate in the legislative process, see how the system works, and meet the key lawmakers within Florida;
  • Newsletters to provide in-depth information on the PEO industry within Florida and interviews with individuals who are in a position to impact your company;
  • A one-of-a-kind Florida specific educational program to provide you with insights on improving the profitability of your company; and
  • Exciting programs throughout the year that will benefit you and your PEO.

FAPEO dues are $85 per $1 million of Florida payroll. Your dues are based only on the gross wages included on your Florida SUTA filing. Please join me in taking advantage of the terrific programs our trade association has developed; complete and return the application today.

Contact for a complete membership application today.