Oasis Outsourcing’s Mark Perlberg Values Collaboration

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Oasis Outsourcing’s Mark Perlberg Values Collaboration

When Oasis Outsourcing began looking for a president and CEO in 2003, the company found the business experience and leadership skills it needed in Mark C. Perlberg. Throughout a diverse career, Mark had demonstrated outstanding leadership and sales strategy development across a wide array of industries, including business services, utilities and financial institutions. As an added value, he also brought with him a background in business law.

Mark C. Perlberg

“I graduated from Boston College Law School, but after practicing law as a business litigation attorney for a few years, I decided the business path was more for me,” Mark recalls. “I co-founded and was a key architect in growing a utility bill payment-processing business and negotiating its sale to Western Union, where I spent six years in management roles. I then spent a few years as an officer of the John Harland Company. Prior to joining Oasis Outsourcing, I was the chief operating officer of PRG-Schultz, the world’s leading recovery audit firm.”

At PRG-Schultz, Mark planned and successfully implemented key growth strategies, including creating and leading an integrated sales, operations, IT and client service platform. He brought these growth strategies to Oasis Outsourcing, which current EVP/CFO Terry Mayotte co-founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of the Wackenhut Corporation.

Mark’s first encounter with the PEO industry came via the executive search firm that was working with Oasis to find its next president and CEO.

“After I received the call from the search firm, did some research and had the opportunity to meet with the Oasis team, I knew Oasis was a profitable company,” Mark says. “What really enticed me, though, was the challenge to grow the company. Fifteen years later, this challenge is still key for me.”

In addition to the opportunity to grow a business, Mark finds great satisfaction in something he says is singular to PEOs.

“What I specifically enjoy about the PEO industry, which I think is somewhat unique, is the collaboration,” he explains. “Of course, we are competitors in growing our own businesses, but we also see the bigger picture of the importance of growing the industry as a whole. There is a sense of camaraderie in wanting the industry to do well and continue to prosper.”

Mark believes the industry is poised for growth and focuses on two opportunities in particular.

“I see two main areas for growth,” he says. “The first is that industry penetration as a whole is still low, and I don’t foresee it peaking any time soon. I also believe there are additional growth opportunities within the offerings and value we provide our clients—product and service expansion, technology … the list goes on.”

Of course, along with these opportunities come challenges and even threats to the industry and individual PEOs. Mark points out the regulatory threats, such as changes in the medical, tax and workers’ compensation arenas, as well as competition from other PEOs and other HR/payroll providers. He believes the way to manage these threats and challenges is to thoroughly understand the PEO business and regulatory landscape and to make adjustments when needed.

“All PEOs need to understand their clients and their markets, and continue to evolve with their changing needs,” he says.

Mark finds a good resource in the Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations and its members.

Oasis Outsourcing employees collect food during a holiday food drive.

“I’m a huge believer in FAPEO, and I think there is no better example of an association that speaks to my earlier point about collaboration,” he says. “I find the members to be smart, committed and passionate people who want to help and support each other.”

Oasis Outsourcing supports several charities and holds fund-raising events in the company’s various offices located throughout the United States. Some of the PEO’s longstanding community events are the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Bowling for Junior Achievement.

Mark and his wife, Diane, have been married for 38 years and have three children and three grandchildren, his greatest passion. He also enjoys many diverse pastimes.

“My passion outside of work (other than my grandchildren) is theater,” he explains. “I’ve been involved with Palm Beach Dramaworks for several years now. I enjoy writing plays and presenting programs on major playwrights and literary figures. I also enjoy golf, but wish my game was better!”