FAPEO Director Daniel Johnson Brings Business, Legal Expertise to Association Board

Recently seated FAPEO director Daniel P. Johnson began his legal career as a law clerk for a federal district court judge in Atlanta before going to work for a large national law firm and helping to establish its office in Georgia’s capital city. A decade later, Dan wanted a change for himself and his family, [...]

Frank Crum’s Life Tells the Story of the PEO Industry

“Originally published in the Summer 2016 FAPEO Update Newsletter” The life story of FAPEO President Frank W. Crum, Jr., is also the story of the PEO industry itself. As a pioneer of the industry, he serves as an insider eyewitness to the many changes and challenges the industry has experienced, from pre-regulation days till now. [...]

Harbor America’s Doug Lowery Builds a Career Helping the American Worker

“Published in the Spring 2016 FAPEO Update Newsletter” Doug Lowery is president of Harbor America Holdings, Inc., a holding company for several professional employer organizations. He has viewed the world of business from several vantage points over the course of his career. He has spent 37 years in executive management conceptualizing, developing and directing major [...]

Modern Business Associates Taps Veteran Sean McConnell to Lead Company

Modern Business Associates, Inc., one of the largest PEOs in the greater Tampa Bay area, looked to a company veteran when it came time to seek out a new CEO. Sean McConnell joined MBA in 2005 as a human resources manager and assistant general counsel. Most recently he served as chief legal officer and vice [...]

RMI Celebrates 20 Years of Professional PEO Services

“Published in the Winter 2015 FAPEO Update Newsletter” Resource Management Inc. (RMI) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It’s a family celebration for founder and CEO Reinaldo Lopez as the entire Lopez family is involved in the business. Rey’s wife, Madeline, serves on the board of directors, as does one of their sons, Naldi. [...]

Innovative Employer Solutions- Doing a Common Thing Uncommonly Well

“Published in the Winter 2015 FAPEO Update Newsletter” Originally from Pittsburgh (or “the burgh” as he likes to call it), Rick Kiracofe of Innovative Employer Solutions says he has always been impressed by Henry J. Heinz and uses this captain of industry’s “To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success” as a cornerstone of [...]

Humankind Is the Driving Force Behind Anurag Dandiya and Anthros, Inc.

“Published in the Fall 2015 FAPEO Update Newsletter” Fresh out of college, entrepreneur-minded Anurag Dandiya jumped at the chance to take on a failing hotel and turn it around. Managing a hotel opened Anurag’s eyes to the reality that human capital is the highest expense for businesses. It also opened the door to a chance [...]

Founding Prosperity PEO Fulfills a Long-Term Dream for Janice Legters

“Published in the Summer 2015 FAPEO Update Newsletter” PEO founder and CEO Janice Legters is not a newcomer to the PEO industry, but her company Prosperity PEO, founded July 2014, is still just shy of its first birthday. She is also founder and CEO of Peoples Payroll LLC, a company she formed in 2012. “I [...]